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Uribe vs Chavez: The fight in Cancun, Mexico

Uribe vs Chavez

Uribe vs Chavez

Finally, Colombian President Álvaro Uribe Vélez froze the picturesque Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. The standoff between the two Presidents was at a lunch with the presidents of the Summit “Grupo de Rio” (Rio Group) gathered these days in Cancun, Mexico.  For a long time, Colombians had been demanding Uribe for a tougher attitude towards Chavez and his constant actions against : trade between the two countries, diplomatic relations and especially the frequent insults and abuse by Chavez against Uribe and the Colombian government.
How nice that finally it has been written a new chapter in this novel -Chavez-Uribe- that seems to be endless at the moment and that certainly promises great emotions in this year that has just begun. From the time that King Juan Carlos of Spain ordered Chavez to shut up – the incident happened two years ago, during the Ibero-American Summit in Chile- no other fighting cock had climbed into the ring.  

I am very happy that Alvaro Uribe has been that fighting cock, who by the way of oratory and diplomacy had already won several interventions over the lieutenant colonel , in various global scenarios.Uribe gave Chávez a lesson, in front of several presidents, and he told Chavez that Colombia is not willing to accept his blackmail, perfidious actions and constant complaints, much less to pay Chavez more homage and respect that had hitherto received from diplomacy in Bogota.
The little Cold War: The Fight Uribe vs. Chavez in  Cancun

The little Cold War: The Fight Uribe vs. Chavez in Cancun

This time Uribe did take the opportunity to chide Chavez vehemently, as he usually does, and Chavez  acted really surprised by the Colombian. The subject of the complaint was an apparent trade embargo that for more than six months the Colombian businesses have been suffering in order to export their products to Venezuela. Faced with these accusations, Hugo Chávez responded that some forces in Colombia  planned to assassinate him and that if that was to be the subject of the meeting , then he would rather retire immediately. 

 Faced with Chavez threat to leave the meeting, President Alvaro Uribe was furious  and said : ”Be a man and stay to discuss the issue” , which apparently raised the temperature of the discussion to the astonishment of the other dignitaries gathered at the Mexican resort paradise.Already, at this point, there are many things to speculate in the media, among others, that Chavez had called on Uribe to step outside , to solve this with a street fight.  
Witnesses tell  that the two presidents, who became almost angry street boxers,  were separated and held back by Cuban President Raúl Castro, who in his first presence at a Summit of the “Grupo de Río” (Rio Group) , had to call the two for order and composure, and remind them their condition as heads of state and that they were in an international summit, not in a dark alley.

 Chavez had finished telling Uribe to ”go to hell” (“vete al carajo!”) , which I suppose was not surprising to anyone, given the language that Chavez often outlined publicly against the Colombian president who has been called several pejorative adjectives.The Mexican President and host of the Summit,  Felipe Calderón,  took over the situation to cool it down and made a conciliatory call to the two presidents. Calderón also proposed the creation of a group of friends to try to ease tensions between the two leaders, to which Uribe and Chavez, both calmer, agreed to the initiative.  Thus I imagine that everyone could enjoy dessert and Colombian coffee. 

Beyond what surely will not be more than an embarrassing incident for the other participants of the Group of Rio,..for Colombians and Venezuelans am sure that is much more than that.For me, at least, this is a clear and strong reaction of Uribe, repressed for a long time, that very likely will be taken very seriously by Hugo Chávez when he try again to intervene in the internal affairs of Colombia. It is clear that in Colombia or by hook or by crook , Chavez will not take advantage of anything.
Moreover, this incident will also serve Uribe to further increase his popularity when he is about to discover what his immediate political future will be.  It is clear that whenever Uribe faces Chávez , his level of public acceptance within the Colombian people rises, almost immediately.This new episode occurs a few days before the Colombian Supreme Court rule in favor or against the legitimacy of the referendum on re-election that would allow the current president of Colombia put his name as candidate to the May presidential elections, which could be accessed for a third term of four years if he wins the polls, what is taken as a sure thing.

Ivan Gerardo Cruz - Author/Contributor of Bloggers of The Americas

Ivan Gerardo Cruz - Author/Contributor of Bloggers of The Americas

The fight Chavez vs Uribe ended for the time being in Cancun, but promises new episodes. Uribe followed with his agenda in Mexico in order to face with the unfriendly Ecuadorian president  and close friend of Chavez, Rafael Correa.Uribe has been distanced from Correa for more than one year ago, after Colombia bombed Ecuadorian border territory to destroy the camp’s second largest guerrilla leader of the FARC, Raul Reyes. 
Álvaro Uribe and Peru’s Alan García are the only two U.S. allies, for now, within a South America dominated by the left for more than 10 years, but a subcontinent that begins to change again to the right with the arrival of Sebastian Piñera to the Presidency of Chile.

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