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Nuclear Missiles to Malvinas/Falklands? Britain is secretly sending submarines.

British Ballistic Submarine SSBN, with nuclear missiles.

British Ballistic Submarine SSBN, with nuclear missiles.

Both President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and PM Gordon Brown agree that the Falklands/Malvinas standoff  between Argentina and Britain should be resolved through negotiations and diplomatic means. The Argentine government is effectively doing so. In fact, Argentina received yesterday the support of all latinamerican countries in Cancun, and the Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana is having a meeting with the UN Secretary Gral Moon.

On the other hand, Britain is preparing for business (oil drilling). They had several deployments in the area and is mounting a military fortress in the Falklands.  The british deployed there the destroyer HMS York, the patrol vessel HMS Clyde and a fast fleet tanker the RFA Wave Ruler. To provide air force the british deployed 4 Eurofighters Typhoons , a VC10 tanker, a Hercules and 2 Sea King Helicopters. As ground force , Britain has an Infantry company, an engineer squadron, plus artillery and radars.  Britain could deploy far more armed forces via Asuncion, in terms of days.

In conclusion, there are probably enough forces on and around the Malvinas/Falklands to deter the Argentines from risking a conventional invasion.

So it seems.

But The Times unofficially informed today that Britain is also sending a submarine (or maybe two?). Nobody knows what kind of submarine.  Great Britain did not denied the information of The Times. And although submarine deployments are routinely kept secret, it is important to know if the british are sending an SSN or two in the South Atlantic, or they are sending a lethal weapon like a Ballistic Submarine SSBN.

The Royal Navy has 4 SSBN (Ship Submersible Ballistic Nuclear) .  Each SSBN provides the United Kingdom with strategic nuclear  Trident II D5 missiles .

So, this is something very important for all of The Americas. Something very wrong could be happening right now. The British must inform to the international community about what they are doing.  Are they sending a regular submarine down there (or maybe two) or is Britain sending a nuclear submarine to the South Atlantic without the knowledge of any southamerican country.

We are talking about Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Western countries. Democratic countries. Friendly countries. This is not a drunken general we are talking about. Argentina and the rest of the latinamerican countries deserve respect. These countries are not Afganistan, Somalia or any other pariah state. This is not the Axis of evil.

So, please. Explain yourself. What type of submarine are you sending? A ballistic submarine with nuclear missiles? If so, Britain is  wrong.

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7 Responses to Nuclear Missiles to Malvinas/Falklands? Britain is secretly sending submarines.

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