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Welcome, Piñera!


Chile´s President Elect Sebastian Piñera

Chile´s President Elect Sebastian Piñera

In spite of the earthquake, the elections and other instances, Sebastian Piñera will be the next President of all chileans. The polls had already predicted it.. Sebastián Piñera is the newly elected president of Chile after defeating  in the elections the center-left former President Eduardo Frei.
The triumph of the billionaire businessman of 59 years represents a major change in the  more socialist country of the continent, in the past 50 years. And the outcome of this election brought us two clear premises of the current political world which in turn clearly reflects the need for a change in Chile.

 The first premise is that no political model for stronger and more consolidated it seems, is able to retain power for itself and will never be stronger than the popular will of the people. And that is where Sebastian Piñera managed to change the political tide in accordance to the majority of the Chileans that already were looking for a political change since 2005. The Chilean socialist model had forgotten the people and to accomplish its political promises and Piñera capitalized all this in his campaign in order to get the necessary votes and thus boost his reformist ideas.
The second premise is that politics have also ideological cycles oscillating in periods which a range between 10 and 20 years, so the Chileans now opted for change, it was about time, and the political right wing is back in the most socialist country in South America.

The Chileans have made their country a model avant-garde at the time of leading major changes and once again have demonstrated at the ballots, despite having one of the highest living standards in The Americas and an economic model worthy of emulation. So the land of Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral decided to bet once again for new great social changes and for  having a capitalist future much more ambitious and modern. Good for them!

Chile has everything that is required  to start dreaming again, and most important, Chile has all what is needed to  make those dreams a true reality.

I’m sure the most pleased with the success of Piñera is the Colombian President Álvaro Uribe Vélez, who will have in Chile a new and transparent partner from now one, to work hand in hand in several of the problems that are affecting the region .

We Colombians have always dream having an ambitious capitalist future such as Chile´s, with government programs that allow us to enter the first world through the front door.  Unfortunately we have not been able to organize our own home and put an order to a myriad of problems that have not allowed our  successive governments to move as they pleased.
With Uribe in power, Colombia is fighting to build the foundation needed to obtain an important  economic, social and security model , to enable the country to follow the lead of Chile to the first world.

Hence the need for a third term for  Uribe , that would enable the country to completely eliminate the problems of public order and security, and also sign the FTA with the United States.

Chile was the first country to do so in South America. That could define a once and for all strong governmental policy to curb the great scourge of drug trafficking- perhaps the only solution is a legalization of the consumption – so to work more effectively favoring  progress, employment generation, economic growth and social investment in fundamental areas such as education and health.

With the advent of Piñera to power , the one that surely is not happy is the madman Chavez, who lost the sympathy of a country that apparently listened to him. This triumph of the right is a serious blow to the famous Chavez’s Bolivarian revolution and its expansionist zeal in the region.
Piñera’s victory could be just the first big setback for Chavez in 2010, since during the second half of the year it is predicted that Brazil could also turn right , in the next general elections in Brazil.
Without Chile and Brazil aligned in the socialist side and much closer to the U.S., and the latter’s military facilities installed in Colombia for the war on drugs, the future of the Chavez revolution at the international level will have a difficult year where anything can happen, even he leaving the government.
In addition Chavez must face the serious internal problems of Venezuela, ranging from electricity and water rationing – the most basic services – the new currency devaluation, the expropriation of more businesses,  to the banking crisis. So,  Chavez will have a dark year in Venezuela, and I repeat, anything could happen.

Venezuelans are tired, and Chavez has no the same popular support which once he had when he attained power through elections.  Gradually, he is  becoming increasingly isolated, and  internationally some of his ‘partners’ also seem to be seeing things differently.

Socialism in South America seems to be downhill and the Right recovered significant ground with Sebastian Pinera. Will Brazil follow  the path of Chile this year? What other countries will return to the right?
What better country than Chile to show the region that there is no perfect model and that capitalism and the right remain in force and are a better alternative government for any country. Welcome Sebastian Piñera!

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  1. Nicola Neil

    March 22, 2010 at 5:12 am

    How often do you write your blogs? I enjoy them a lot

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