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New Health Care Bill Summary: Pros and Cons



Hillary tried it during the Clinton´s years facing strong opposition, but President Obama did it: a new health care system for the U.S.

New Health U.S. Care Bill Summary: Pros and Cons Of The Historic Health Care Bill

This is a historic moment for the american people. the Health Care Bill will bring them more security, better health care, better treatment and better health care and improved life style for the weak in society.

Here are the Pros of the New Health Care Bill:

1. Everybody has a option to have a health insurance, more security.
2. Even if a person loses their jobs while they are sick, insurers cannot stop paying the sick
3. People who cannot afford a health insurance wont have to pay as much money.
4. Healthcare is also eligible for people who are already sick
5. In the long run it significantly reduce the medical costs
6. There will be an increased competition in the insurance market.

New Health Care Bill – Cons:

1. In 10 years for the first time, it will cost about $100 billion a year – A yearly cost of the Iraq War.
2. They might be an increase in the cost of health insurance
3. The one Individual Mandate. If you do not have an health insurance, you will have to buy it or have a 2% tax increase.
4. This insurance will be subsidized—but there is no guarantee that the subsidy will suffice for your specific situation.
5. On high income group people there will be a tax increase. For eg. If you are making more than half a million (or maybe a full million) you will have about a 1% tax increase.


20 Responses to New Health Care Bill Summary: Pros and Cons

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  15. Public Adjuster

    April 7, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    I think Greenspan is getting senile, today he said that you can stop asset bubbles by increasing capital requirements. That just increases the cost of credit. The next time you have a real estate bubble, you’ll have the same problem, assuming that banks are still in the business of loaning against real estate. If you want to stop this problem, then eliminate the federal subsidies for real estate development and investment, then require people in that industry to put their own money at risk instead of someone elses. If Greenspan really wants to change the banking system, though, then simply ban 95% and 90% LTV loans. Require a bigger equity cushion. BTW, the “too big to fail” argument is a fallacious one. During the Great Depression, Canada had no bank failures. The reason was that their banks were very large. The banks closed branches, etc., but none of them failed. By contrast, the US was dominated by thousands of very small banks, and we had more than 10,000 of them fail. So there is nothing inherently unsafe about a banking system dominated by large banks. The real problem with large banks is that during good times, they don’t provide enough competition for each other.

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  19. Steve Smith

    March 22, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    How convenient that this site forgot to add as one of the cons…you no longer get to select your physican.

    Sure would be nice for a site to tell the WHOLE story instead of writing a biased piece like this.

    So much for trusted journalism. By the way, here are a few more FACTS that this article left out.

    High deductible policies would no longer be an option for people looking for extremely low premiums

    Companies that do not provide health insurance coverage to their employees would be charged an 8% payroll tax to cover employees not covered by employers.

    • Companies that self-insure their employees would have a 5-year grace period before their plans would have to convert to “approved” plans.

    • Employees with current health insurance policies through their employers would have to switch to an “approved” plan if and when anything in the old policy changed, which normally happens every 12 months on renewal.

    Plan benefits would be dictated by the “health plan”, but these benefits would be determined not by the bill but by the Department of Health and Human Services.

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